Site + project analysis

Before you build or acquire, Canvas is ready to help you answer questions about tenant demand, anticipated economics, design, zoning, parking needs, utility requirements and signage so there are no surprises when it comes to executing your vision.

Conceptual Design

Pitching an unfinished or stale space is a tough sell, so let us help you get creative. We’ll work with you to show prospective tenants just how incredible your space could be and why it’s the perfect fit for their business needs.

Merchandising Plan

You’re building (or have built) a remarkable space. Now, who’s the ideal tenant? We’ll help analyze foot traffic, neighbor competition and market demographics to find not just any tenant, but the perfect tenant to add value to your property.

Marketing + Outreach

Leverage our network and reach to tap into potential clients you usually wouldn’t be able to find. Sometimes the best deals come together in unexpected ways and for us, there’s nothing better than finding the perfect tenant you didn’t think existed!

Tenant Delivery

Every potential tenant is not created equal, as each brings different value, both perceived and actual, as well as needs, to your property. We maintain relationships with hundreds of brands and can bring you options on who will be the best fit for your building and the requirements they may have.

Disposition + Lease Restructuring

Not only are we here to help you with lease up, but also in times of distress or restructuring. Past experience allows us to navigate these tricky waters with existing tenants in your portfolio.

a good location means everything to your business