The Canvas Difference

With dozens of real estate brokers, why Canvas? Our difference doesn’t lie in what we do but how we do it. We care about creating genuine partnerships between tenants and landlords, in building relationships that can last years and be beneficial to all parties involved.

Simply finding any tenant or space doesn’t cut it, we want to find the perfect tenant or space, every single time. That match can only happen by asking the right questions and paying attention to the little details, by thinking outside the box and being diligent in everything we do.

We know you never stop thinking about your business, so we’ll never stop working until we find what you’re looking for, and that’s a promise you can count on.

The Canvas Story

We wanted to create something different. Canvas is our opportunity for a fresh take to build a business that puts a personal emphasis on the tenants and landlords while viewing the world through the lens of the net customer.

We’re here to curate connections between aspirational brands and incredible spaces, and ultimately build better communities to live in. That’s Canvas.

For Tenants For Landlords